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Where’s the screen caps from when he was in Venice and looking at some violent paintings and said that each one “should have a fat ginger cat sat in the corner”, just to lighten the mood

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Re-blog if you’re accepting anonymous asks from anyone about anything

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It’s not “rape culture” if rape doesn’t take place


A guy staring at your boobs is not rape culture.

A catcall may be offensive, but it is not rape.

It’s not rape culture if you are offended, but never actually raped.

Feminists hate male heterosexuality so much that they want to equate it with rape for even existing.

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Billy Madison (1995)

"Man, I’m glad I called that guy!"

instead of all those cheesy bullying posters around school we should just post this

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so many hot boys……. all of us 

maybe 5 hot girls 


the world 

change my post to something as disgusting as this ever again and i’ll rip out your throat and feed it to my dogs 

if literally just switching the genders can make you this angry you probably shouldn’t have made the post in the first place

Bitch you wouldn’t do a goddamn thing that’s why you’re e-thugging at your mom’s house.



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Subway sandwiches are disgusting. Never again.

Quiznos is better. At least when they toast them they’re actually toasted. Subway just lightly toasts the edges, leaving the middle cold.

See the Subway near me has a pretty old toaster, and it actually toasts the entire sub. also sometimes it burns through the spacer thing they put it on and burns the paper.

So I mean pros/cons here

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Anonymous said: you know for complaining so much about the sex education system in schools feminists on this site sure love to spread false information about sex



"Condoms always fit."

"Your first time is not supposed to ever hurt if you’re a girl. If it hurts it’s because your partner cares more about himself than about you."

"Sex =/= pregnancy. Pregnancy is just a side effect to punish women." (Yes, I’ve actually seen that before)

"It should not matter whatsoever how many people I’ve slept with! Don’t assume I have an STD!"

"Condoms prevent all STD’s!”

"If you find out someone has HIV and no longer are sexually attracted to them, you are an ableist bigot!"

"If you say you’re attracted to women but don’t feel sexually attracted to a trans* woman that still has a penis, you’re transphobic!"

These are all ideas that i’ve seen posted on this website.

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So jokes about everything else in the world is ok, but just not rape jokes? Ok got it. That’s seems totally reasonable.

Comedians don’t defend bad rape jokes, but either it’s all ok, or none of it is. All comedy is based on error. Part of comedy is making light of things that are rough in the real world. It’s not really a powerful statement. It’s just supposed to make someone laugh. Laughing is not something hard wired into logic and reason. For example, farts are hilarious.

There are funny jokes about cancer and death, so does that mean no one should make those jokes about that because it could affect someone and you would be seen to be ok with people dying from cancer?
Everyone has something they feel deeply and personal about, and has heard something that hurt them, in comedy.

Or what about someone who is laughing at someone else falling over. Should they be stopped and told “Hey, I slipped and fell over once and lost the baby I was carrying. I had to get an abortion and it was the worst experience of my life”? It’s easy to shit on comedy’s ingrediants.

You have every right to offended about anything, and people have a right to make jokes about whatever they want.

P.S. I don’t particularly care what a rapist thinks of me. Also, I hope God has mercy on my soul after he stops letting rape happen.

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To everyone who has ever unironically said “kill all men”:


Start with your dad.

If he’s already dead (or if you just never had one), start with your brother.

Or your cousin.

Or your uncle.

Or your grandfather.

Unless you are willing to start with every relative of yours who happens to be a man (or boy), your beliefs are self-contradictory and in dire need of adjustment.

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The ever intimidating graphics of the pre 2005 era

his wand is sticking out of his sleeve

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you (nearly) sunk my battleship.

there are actual tear in my eyes





Is @actingdelusionaleigh serious right now? Can anyone take her seriously anymore????? Is she even real??????????? Real or troll, take your pick, ladies, gents, and non-binaries alike. It’s a 50/50 chance.

Oh, her again. 

Well her URL does indicate she’s delusional….




Fig 63. To find the long and short months. 1904.

And yet by looking at this, I’ve just figured out that it just goes every other month. How have I not noticed that before?

it goes every other month except July to August and December to January


reminder that actingdelusionaleigh blamed an eight-year old rape victim and called his rapist the victim

and made up a story about a girl getting abused for notes (taking a girl’s photo after she was attack by a kangaroo)

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